stop overcomplicating nutrition

Read the caption! I’m totally guilty of spending most of my adult life overcomplicating my diet. 

I was set on the idea that I was that gal who had a shitty metabolism and always needed to suffer to maintain a healthy weight.

I was scared of food. I was deathly afraid of carbs. I believed that long cardio sessions were my fate. 

Through my own experience, I now help other ladies navigating the same. 

I know there is a better way because I’ve been doing it better for a while. And if you know me IRL, then you see the change and you ask me about it because you see me eating out, not exercising crazy and my body is indeed changing.  

Here are a few things you need to  remember when starting your own fitness journey:

  1. You’ll lose weight with a caloric deficit that is planned smart for your body where it is at right now, if you are indeed working with a body that can handle a calorie deficit (if you are overly dieted, starting with a deficit would only do more harm than good, which is why hiring a Coach is key here!)
  2. No foods is off-limits if you consume it in moderation and better yet, if you macro track for it. Keeping food off limits will ALWAYS lead to bingeing and over eating later. When we put a food as off limits, in our minds we put this food on a pedestal, like a forbidden food that only makes us crazy because we want stuff even more when we tell ourselves we can’t have it. 
  3. Take a good look at your sleep and stress cycles. These two things GREATLY IMPACT a body’s ability to lose fat. You must sleep well more times than not. You must stress less more times than not. If this isn’t possible, you will need to find ways to improve in these two areas before embarking on a calorie deficit phase.
  4. Keto isn’t magic (unless you have a medical condition that warrants this) and intermittent fasting isn’t either. Nor is vegan, Paleo, WholeFood30 or any other marketed plan out there. Your best bet is to find the eating style that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. If you enjoy it, you will continue to do it!

And stay tuned for this week’s Sistah, Sister podcast episode where I discuss how I got started in my fitness journey and what I’ve done that has massively impacted my physique change in a short 5 months! 

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