stop doing shit you hate

“I HATE exercise. I don’t want to sweat. I despise burpees” As a #femalepersonaltrainer, a good amount of my ladies have an “exercise allergy” believing that worthwhile results require an absurd amount of Discipline, Sacrifice, a lot of White Knuckling with an extra serving of Deprivation. And to be REAL, I USED to BELIEVE thatContinue reading “stop doing shit you hate”

can i exercise with an ostomy?

I spent 10+ years barely surviving with Ulcerative Colitis. On December 7th, 2015, I underwent life saving surgery for a permanent ostomy. What’s different now? I’m living my BEST life in a healthy and thriving body. There isn’t anything that I can’t do with my medical device. So I’m here to help others like meContinue reading “can i exercise with an ostomy?”

people say the darndest things

Recently at a professional meet up, I was in group of other Personal Trainers. As we “broke the ice” a woman in our group gave us her “bio.” She specializes in the geriatric population; trains her clients out of her home; used to race a lot of marathons and triathlons, and now just runs forContinue reading “people say the darndest things”

my insecurity – imposter syndrome

It took me over 10 years and a vicious irritable bowel disease to arrive at my current spot, and why understanding and mastering my mindset has been so important to me over the last several years so I thought I would give you a glimpse into my own history of struggle. When I first setContinue reading “my insecurity – imposter syndrome”

miles of smiles

I noticed my neighbor Talia starting to include weekly jogs into her workout routine, so of course, I had to encourage her every chance I got. I’m always so proud to see people taking charge of their health and fitness, and I could tell Talia was determined. During our exchange, she mentioned wanting to runContinue reading “miles of smiles”

it’s a slow process. do i quit?

I’ve been spending all of this year on the trails; looking to to reignite my passion for racing and wanting to spend more time, effort and mostly, energy, moving my body in an organic way – moving through the environment – running, walking, climbing, and yes, slipping, falling (LOL)… Well it didn’t take long forContinue reading “it’s a slow process. do i quit?”

in limbo

2019 is your year! Together we can make this one of our #happiest and #healthiest – #believe it. Let’s all take some time this week to slow down and #reflect on what it is we want and need and to be honest with ourselves on what it takes to make these goals a reality.  My yearContinue reading “in limbo”