it’s a slow process. do i quit?

I’ve been spending all of this year on the trails; looking to to reignite my passion for racing and wanting to spend more time, effort and mostly, energy, moving my body in an organic way – moving through the environment – running, walking, climbing, and yes, slipping, falling (LOL)…

Well it didn’t take long for my competitive side to come out and knowing that I needed a goal to make all of THIS make sense to me (in my head) I signed up for two long distance trail races put on by the Hawaii Ultra Running Team; a 22 mile trail race on August 3 called Maunawili Out and Back or aka Run with the Pigs and a 30-mile trail race on August 31 called Tantalus Triple Trek. Go big or go home right?

Well, today I just completed my 2nd 20-mile trail training session. And boy do the trails test your patience; your confidence and your ability to continue when you really just want to stop and quit. This is the same for my #triathlon races just a different venue, so to speak.

And I came across a quote the other day that stuck with me, “It is a slow process; but, quitting won’t speed it up.”

How appropriate. Throughout my life thus far, I have been a quitter:

I quit hula as a young girl because my mother forced me to take lessons. And I had NO DESIRE whatsoever to dance hula.

I quit religion because during my childhood I was forced to give worship to a faith that I did not whole heartedly believe in.

I quit during the UH Manoa Dancers team try outs because who the fuck am I kidding? I have no rhythm or coordination and was totally out of my league when I arrived and saw the warm-up set. I quietly slipped out the gym without even trying. Because again, see sentence #1.

My less than stellar bike handling skills forced me to quit Dick Evans Memorial Road Race in September of 2007 because I crashed and was taken to the hospital with brain bleeding. I woke up on the hospital not remembering anything; so technically, I feel I didn’t quit; but I did DNF “Did Not Finish” HAHAHA

Well today, I finished my second 20-mile train training run. And today was a good day and I accept that and relish in that because “Peace Begins when Expectations End.”

Thanks to all my training buddies for getting me here – you know who you are and to my husband Lekeli who is once again, supporting me through another crazy adventure.


Pic Below: My trail buddy Joy and I on our 7.13.19 20-mile trail training run at Peacock Flats. We were tasked with doing 20 miles or 7 hours, which ever came first and I am proud to write that we hit 20 miles in a little over 5 hours – fucking epic! 


2 thoughts on “it’s a slow process. do i quit?

  1. You are an amazing athlete and both those quotes resonate with me. Keep up the good work.

    1. Ah thx u Karen!

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