my biggest takeaway in my fitness journey

My biggest take away in my fitness journey which I coach my women through is CONSISTENCY. 

And if you’ve been following me for some time as The Honolulu Personal Trainer (in person and online), this will sound like a broken record on repeat. 

But it’s the simple, plain truth. No sugar coating. No hustling here. It’s doing a little bit every day. 

It’s creating a wellness lifestyle that is non negotiable. 


Despite having a sick kid, being tied up at work, having to spend extra time handling an issue, having an office lunch/birthday/potluck, not having time to prep or pack meals, etc… the food and exercise piece will still get done. 

It’s not “But, I have this and that. I am exhausted because of this and that.” Really, I’ll have more time when this or that.”

Ask yourself if the way you perceive something dictates your following action? 

For instance, if you are always saying “ I am too busy for (fill in the blank) then you will always be too busy for doing that thing.

Personally, THIS is the piece I have nailed down. And this is the very PIECE that my clients pay me to help establish for them. 

In the big picture, it’s very simple – creating a habit that becomes a lifestyle. Where most ladies get tripped up is when they are ready to start, they add in a billion habit changes all at once. It’s hot and heavy that soon fizzles out just as quick. 

If you are looking for some guidance, schedule a FREE discovery call with me. Link in bio. 

In the mean time, here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Choose ONE habit to work on. Either a food OR an exercise habit.
  2. Write out that habit from #1 and be specific. What exercise will you be doing each day; how long; what time; where will you do this?
  3. Have a back up plan on how you will get it done if something unexpected arises.
  4. Use a calendar to mark the days where you hit your habit goal.
  5. Hire a coach to keep you accountable or find a buddy that can do just the same!
  6. If you find yourself over the course of 7 days not being able to stick to your habit goal, revise that goal. Go back to step #1 and rework the process. How can you revise this habit to make it more attainable for you right now? 

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