my fat loss formula part 3

Aloha Friday Tribe!

Have you been reading my Fat Loss Series? To recap:

=Fat Loss Part 1 covered common but incorrect Fat beliefs 

=Fat Loss Part 2 discussed how STRESS affects fat loss (hormones)

So today in Fat Loss Part 3, I want to share the way I go about helping my clients with fat loss. And please read this again –  NOT ALL of my clients want to work on fat loss, but some of them do. 

====My FAT LOSS TRIFECTA – The 3M Method!

I use my fat loss trifecta called The 3M Method (my method that has evolved over time and with experience as I help women 40+ navigate fat loss based on metabolism and hormones). 

If you’ve been following me for some time, you would have known my 3M Method as this: Mindfulness, Moderation and Movement. 

But, through my advanced certification and studying of the female metabolism, it is clear that my fat loss trifecta now include METABOLISM as a woman’s hormonal state is crucial in hunger, energy, cravings, their ability to build and lose muscle, to gain and lose body fat, to balance mood and handle stress. The #femalemetabolism (hormones) is like the government of our body! 

MINDFULNESS – ensuring your mental health doesn’t suffer in pursuit of your wellness goals. 

METABOLISM – investigating your hormones to determine the best food and fitness approach for YOU.

MUSCLES – using strategic and short term “exercise stress” in the form of strength training as a means to accelerate body fat without distressing your system!

And so I am launching my very first hormonal fat loss program called #Accelerate40 for women 40+ who want to discover how to work and eat smarter, not harder. It’s gonna be an advanced paced of food and fitness training for women ready to go all in with their head and their heart to hack their hormones. More details coming soon! But, if you want on the wait list, comment below or message me the phrase “ALL IN.” 


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