fat loss formula part 1 – fat or fiction

TRUE! Did you answer correctly?

Fat gets a bad rap. Fat is a great support mechanism for our bodies. Fat holds and releases energy. Provides support for our organs. Like anything else – too much fat or too little fat causes us problems.

Weight loss isn’t the same as fat loss. We get tripped up in wanting to hit that number on the scale but instead we should focus body fat loss instead. Weight loss refers to a decrease in your overall body weight from muscle, water, and fat losses. Fat loss refers to weight loss from fat, and it’s a more specific and healthful goal than weight loss that directly influences the shape (tone) of your body.

Not all fat is created equal. How MUCH fat we carry on our bodies matters. And WHERE we carry fat on our bodies matters too. Body fat that accumulates around the stomach area poses a greater health risk than fat stored in the lower body.

Lowering calories isn”t always the best place to start when seeking to change your body shape; to lose weight or to lose body fat.

Time and again, I’ve seen too many ladies coming to me from a long time of exercising more and eating less diet strategy. Their weight loss has stalled and they believe that they have do exercise even more and eat even less.

The body actually doesn’t operate like a robot, despite what we think, ESPECIALLY OUR METABOLISM.

Our metabolisms like change and variety and unfortunately, the typical weight loss diets we jump between provides anything but.

Over the next several days, I will be covering a 4 part FAT LOSS series that will lead into a FREE webinar I am working on all about how to use your body’s biofeedback to hack your own fat loss case. Stay tuned!

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