weight regain, rebound and self loathing

The number one reason why diets fail? 

👉🏾 the restriction is too much too soon for too long 

I know this vicious cycle all too well. 

As a #chronicdieter for DECADES, I paid a hefty price to hold an “average” weight (155lbs) with a higher body fat (29%) despite a shit ton of calorie restriction and two shit tons of exercise. Atkins, Keto, Paleo, Isagenix, Herbalife, HCG, Jenny Craig, Nutrasystem, I’ve done them ALL.

I was stuck and COVID hit. I decided to start #IVF and I made a conscious decision to eat and exercise mindfully.

I knew I would gain weight.  After every surgery, my gain was epic. BUT I always “bounced back” with eating less and exercising more. 

FLASHBACK to my wedding (2008). About 8 months prior, I was in a gnarly bike crash that left me in the ICU and months out of commission. 

Talk about weight gain city. I went in for my second dress fitting and the sales lady said “what happened, we have to take the dress out.” 

I was mortified, ashamed and frustrated. This sent me into a tail spin of more exercise, less food and more negative self talk.

So after navigating my own fertility struggle, i just couldn’t go back to my old behaviors. I realized just how amazing my body is; what matters to me now and what I want the rest of my life to look like. And it wasn’t chasing the scale.

I’m balancing my routine to serve my body not to sacrifice it. 

So I’m going to show you what I will teach my #Accelerate40 ladies – the smartest way to [INSERT GASP 😨 HERE] – diet. 

I’m starting week 4 of my #Accelerate40 program; a 40 day Metabolism, Muscles and Macros program for a very specific women aged 40+. 

If you are 40+, new to macros and new to strength training, I NEED to talk with you! DM me “let’s talk story.” 

#Accelerate40 will launch in May for a small group who want a high level of access to me, as your Coach. Stay tuned over the next few weeks, I’ll be offering a great early bird 🐦 rate for those in my Inner Circle ⭕️. All you have to do is subscribe to join my tribe.

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