are you a weight watcher?

I was watching TV the other day (I love TV BTW) and a Weight Watchers commercial came on showing a bunch of really happy people loving their slimmer waist lines thanks to counting points. 

And it got me thinking… 

The phrase “weight watchers”

It’s shitty. And then that song “somebody, somebody’s watching me” started playing in my head. 

It’s disappointing that in 2021 we are still receiving these messages of having to watch our weight or rely on others to watch our weight. 

Don’t get me wrong – people INITIALLY pay me to “watch their weight” BUT through my vibe and my tribe, I quickly show women how if we first focus on how we feel and how we perform, the “weight watching” part will fall into place on its own without having to count points; eliminate food groups; resort to extreme exercise or dieting measures! 

Maybe you feel this is a little contradictory cuz ya know, I’m going through a fat loss phase. And I have an entire program built on a fat loss phase (ACCELERATE40). 

I’m not anti weight loss or anti fat loss. 

I’m not pro weight loss or pro fat loss. 

I’m ALL ABOUT “Hey sister, what’s your goal and why? 

And I’m ALL ABOUT how can we get you there safe and sound? 

I’m a Jenny Craig graduate (many moons ago) which kicked me into a calorie restriction and over exercise rabbit 🐰 hole for decades.

Been there. And nope, YOU don’t need to do that! Let me show you the way! 

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