is this you?

Sluggish Metabolism Symptom #1:
>>Weight gain that won’t budge 🙁

With a slow metabolism, stubborn weight gain shows up—especially around the middle. You’ll find that even the go-to workout routines and diets that worked in the past now have ZERO impact.

*THIS* is SO SO common when ladies first come to work with me – it’s as though their bodies have become resistant to body fat loss.

The good news is that there is actually a LOT you can do to turn this around!

#MetabolicMakeover Bible Hack:
>>>>Turn yourself into a fat burner.
>>>>Have a good night’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours.
>>>>Upon rising, have a well-balanced protein-rich snack to prevent a blood sugar imbalance that can cause low energy and mood swings.
>>>>To keep cravings at bay, make sure you have lean, clean protein; healthy fats; and fiber at every meal.

And don’t forget to grab my Free #MetabolicMakeover Bible, a Nutrition Resource Guide for Women 40+ Who Want to Combat a Sluggish Metabolism!

In the Video: My clients and I are a family. We train hard and play hard too. This was a trip to Kauai for a half marathon and some FUN in the Sun!

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