“you should lose some weight…”

👉🏾We can’t control the opinions of others in regard to our weight or body shape. I’m 5’3” and have lived my whole life being told I should weigh less.

👉🏾We can’t control the BMI chart most Docs still advise by. And as a more muscular but short female, I’ve had a GI Doc suggest losing weight (despite being perfectly healthy!) 

👉🏾And we can’t control our culture – what society deems as acceptable and attractive. Which is why despite cringing every time I post of video of myself, I just press publish anyway. Why? Cuz I have a very normal body. I live healthy and balanced and I’ve been through a lot of hormonal stuff, but my body has settled into where it is right now WITHOUT food or fitness extremes and despite being fearful and uncomfortable, my mission to normalize normal healthy bodies far outweighs my inner critic. 

So I focus on what I CAN CONTROL! And you should try the same!

🤙🏾My perceptions. 

🤙🏾My reflections.

🤙🏾My mindset.

Mindset is a HUGE dial mover for my clients; specifically their exercise mindset. 

Most perceive exercise as a must-do chore which makes exercising for them something that tends to be laborious, not easy and definitely not enjoyable.

So I coach my ladies to view their current daily activities as “exercise” that counts toward their daily movement goals. The fancy smancy word in our biz is the acronym NEAT.

When they made that exercise mindset switch, slowly but surely their exercise habits became an opportunity (not a nuisance). They looked forward to their movement goals because they realized that exercise CAN BE…




When you think of the term “exercise,” what is the very FIRST word that comes to mind?


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