what’s best for weight loss – diet or exercise?

Every Thursday, I’m gonna tackle a common #diet question I get in my DMS. 

THIS WEEK’S ? 👉🏾👉🏾What’s BEST for weight loss – diet or exercise? 

You can’t out exercise a bad DIET. I’m not saying exercise isn’t important, it definitely is. But what I am saying is you won’t see the number on the scale budge if you’re eating habits aren’t up to the same level.

Overall your weight is determined by how many calories you take in versus how many calories you burn. And while exercise helps you burn more calories, it doesn’t give us the green light to chow down on our fave foods 24/7. (Which means my favorite bread pudding dessert will stay an occasional treat). 🧁 

So in order to balance the “weight loss equation” in our favor, we need to take in fewer calories. This is called a calorie deficit. In the end it’s this calorie deficit that will help you see the best results.


Eat fewer calories…. Yeah lamest tip ever right!? 

Everyone knows that you need to eat less to lose weight. But if it were that simple, I would be out of a job! 

So here’s how to eat fewer calories. Pick low-calorie foods that are filling and delicious. Low-calorie, filling, and delicious are the trifecta of weight loss foods!

🥇 Low-calorie to maintain your calorie deficit.

🥈 Filling so you don’t constantly feel hungry (otherwise you’ll eventually binge or overeat).

🥉 Delicious because you should actually like the food you eat.

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