are you a runner or new to strength training?

Are you a runner? Are you a beginner to strength training and have knee issues with squats and lunges?This is for you!!! The VMO Dip exercise! The VMO Dip is an exercise that can help alleviate knee pain and develop more efficient knee cap movement by strengthening the Quad muscle (the muscle that is yourContinue reading “are you a runner or new to strength training?”

memories of a third grader

I spent a long time of my life being BUSY to keep me distracted. I thrived off of having these long to-do lists. And I would derive great pleasure checking items off. I can recall an evening as a third grader, I was in my bedroom with all my school books stacked up high visuallyContinue reading “memories of a third grader”

health without hurt

Give yourself permission to be more and do less. Simpler said then done RIGHT? I mean, we have this never ending to do lists! This is where a bit of my tough love of comes in. If you want health change, you will HAVE TO trim your to-do list down. You will HAVE TO carveContinue reading “health without hurt”

do you bully your body into submission?

I’ll be the first to admit that loving the skin you are in is a long, hard process for a lot of us.  Learning to honor your body through it all is finally realizing that happiness is no longer measurable on a scale.  As we are in the new year, I say reclaim your healthContinue reading “do you bully your body into submission?”

overcoming your resistance to exercise

We are in full on diet season when so many women add to their busy life by choosing the most “hard core” food and fitness plan. They choose to go from 0 to 100 because, “duh it’s the New year!” and they do it all frantically chasing body change.  Sure body change is a solidContinue reading “overcoming your resistance to exercise”

are you too busy to be happy?

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK at my Welcome packet for my New Year, Happy You free 30 day food and fitness challenge tribe! What’s this about? FEELING HAPPY! Finding Happy. Being Happy now with you, your body, your food, your fitness.  Are you too busy to be happy? Many women have jam packed schedules leaving ZEROContinue reading “are you too busy to be happy?”

the lessons i’ve learned in 2020

Every year I pick a word for myself; a word that I keep in my head and heart as I tackle my year.  My word for 2020 is unstoppable. Ha! How funny is that for this year where everything was put on pause including my Honolulu-based personal training and fitness training business. The year ofContinue reading “the lessons i’ve learned in 2020”

invincible versus vulnerable

Eat THIS for New Years and still look incredible!Made you look, didn’t I?If you followed me for a bit, then you already know that THAT stuff is just as much BS as the recent protein igtv Jillian Michaels spewed to her 1.3 million following informing them that protein was BAD BAD BAD. Can’t the sameContinue reading “invincible versus vulnerable”

beware of these influencers

RANT Alert! I just received an email from a personal trainer. She’s promised if I just did these 3 THINGS I would protect myself from COVID. Great I thought, she’s going to serve her community (well over 12k followers), acting in their best interest, to provide them with 3 really smart, balanced and just goodContinue reading “beware of these influencers”

sugar addiction or sugar deprivation?

Last week I ran a poll in my stories asking you what’s the biggest food or fitness challenge you struggle with. Can you guess what the most popular answer was? Drum roll please…Sugar. Did you answer correctly? Look, I get it. In today’s food, buyer beware. If you eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) thenContinue reading “sugar addiction or sugar deprivation?”