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Give yourself permission to be more and do less. Simpler said then done RIGHT? I mean, we have this never ending to do lists!

This is where a bit of my tough love of comes in. If you want health change, you will HAVE TO trim your to-do list down. You will HAVE TO carve out some time to devote on your health. This is non-negotiable.

80% of your success is by just showing up. If you just start to trim down your to-do list, I promise that you will realize that the things eliminated weren’t so important after all. And when you move better, sleep better, feel better, you will will realize that the trade off-the deleted tasks for improved health-was 100% worth it. 

Health improvement does require some sacrifice. But, it is my coaching belief that we can embrace our imperfections and create health without having to hurt.

 I meet women all the time trying to be perfect on their health journey. And this *perfect* is the reason I hear all the time as to why these same women can’t start. “I can’t do this because I know I have this coming up which will take me off plan and so, might as well not even start.”

What if we flipped the script? If we expect the messy; if we realize that perfect is impossible and that we will SCREW UP A LOT, we will be much more empowered to stay the course. Perfection is just punishment (and doesn’t exist by the way).

You will be uncomfortable. You will feel unskilled and uncoordinated. But don’t we get better at something with practice? When your child is learning to walk, and gets up and falls down, we don’t expect that child to throw in the towel because they aren’t perfect at walking on their first attempt, right?

Once you begin to consider your needs first, you will learn that if you are well taken care of, everyone around you is better taken care of. #selfcareisnotselfish

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