overcoming your resistance to exercise

We are in full on diet season when so many women add to their busy life by choosing the most “hard core” food and fitness plan. They choose to go from 0 to 100 because, “duh it’s the New year!” and they do it all frantically chasing body change. 

Sure body change is a solid goal but if that’s THE reason why you will beat your body into submission, THAT reason will probably give you like 3 months max of momentum. Body change just doesn’t cut it when it comes to sustainable (forever) health & wellness. 

Enter gratitude. 

Women are amazing at extending gratitude towards others but are awful at affording themselves gratitude, namely gratitude toward their bodies. I’ve seen this time and again in my twenty years of coaching women in Honolulu, Hawaii and also virtually around the world!

I too am guilty of forgetting all of the amazing things my body does for me. I too have spent far too long beating my body into submission for an aesthetic look. I too have put off getting pregnant all in the fear of body change.

Here’s where you start – SHIFT your perspective – take note of all of the wonderful things your body has done and continues to do for you. Journal them. Write down. Put reminders in your phone.

How many women can you name who truly and genuinely love their bodies not in a post a selfie every five minutes kind of way, but in a whole hearted, no exceptions no exclusions type of way?

Now ask yourself this: When it comes to your body what are you grateful for?

For the next 30 days, I challenge you to wake up every day and fill in the blank:

“Today, I am grateful for my body because


Let’s start this #gratitude movement. Comment below with your daily fill in the blank. 

Here’s mine:

“Today, I am grateful for my body because it has survived ulcerative colitis.”

This is what my New Year, Happy You free challenge is all about. We start Monday! Register using the link in my bio!

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