are you too busy to be happy?

Here’s a SNEAK PEEK at my Welcome packet for my New Year, Happy You free 30 day food and fitness challenge tribe!

What’s this about? FEELING HAPPY! Finding Happy. Being Happy now with you, your body, your food, your fitness. 

Are you too busy to be happy? Many women have jam packed schedules leaving ZERO time for their own happiness. 

What do you think? 

Ask yourself: When was the last time you did something 100% for yourself that made you truly happy? Remember, this thing you did, it can’t involve any family or friends. It’s something you did just for you.

I’ve never had trouble putting myself first because I know that if I’m not good then I’m not good to be around.

Yet, I hear all of the time “Well Lee-Ann, easy for you to say because you don’t have kids.” 

Yes it’s true. I do not have real human children. However, I do have demanding responsibilities just the same: a husband, a household, a small business and 5 animals. I have my own special set of busy that requires 85% of my daily energy tank. 

What it comes down to is this – if we are fortunate enough to rise each day, we have the same 24 hours, don’t we?

As we are now in 2021, as you are contemplating doing the next weight loss challenge, the eliminate this or that diet, the detox or cleanse of the month, I challenge that instead you make your 2021 resolution this: 

Doing things that make YOU HAPPY! It is my mission as a personal trainer in Honolulu, Hawaii to help you!

Instead of BULLYING your BODY into submission to conform to an ideal you have in your head…YOUR BODY in your 20s, before kids, when you fit your cheerleader uniform… I challenge you to instead to create a Happiness goal.

Schedule it. Journal it. Manifest it. Do it. 

I’m here to help! For 30 days, I’m giving you the highest level of access to me, my Co-Coach @cmoani and my tools, strategies, experience and education to create 2021 as a New Year, HAPPY YOU and it’s Free! You have nothing to lose but the noise in your head and everything to gain including a group of supportive women cheering you on! 

We start on Monday, January 4th! Register now!

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