my approach to holiday eating

I know first hand how holiday eating can wreak havoc on your mind! You may think, “I’ll get in a long hard workout so I won’t feel guilty about Thanksgiving food.” You may say, “I’ll starve all day to save calories for my Thanksgiving meal.” I played this food obsession game for a really reallyContinue reading “my approach to holiday eating”

how to balance your exercise

Having balance in your life is important. As a Honolulu based personal and virtual trainer, I’m frequently asked how much time should clients spend on resting, lifting, doing cardio, stretching… The KEY is to include the core components of a well rounded fitness routine. You can remember it this way: Make sure your exercise routineContinue reading “how to balance your exercise”

what is your why?

Most of my clients have a weight loss or body fat loss goal. But it’s never really about losing weight. Over my 20 years of training experience as a female in person and online personal trainer in Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, I have 100% certainty that having a simple “loss” goal of some sort isn’t juicyContinue reading “what is your why?”

who the 21 day fitness fix isn’t for…

AN EXCUSER – when push comes to shove, this 21 day fitness fix isn’t for someone who relies on excuses to get a pass. No energy and no time won’t cut it here. The emails will take less than 5 minutes of your space and your daily anchor action will give you important insight intoContinue reading “who the 21 day fitness fix isn’t for…”

health hiccup – are you tossing & turning?

Aloha! Today I wrap up the 6 most common health hiccups many of my clients had experienced prior to our work together. As a Honolulu based virtual trainer and personal trainer, I help women find a sustainable food and fitness plan they can commit to long term. Here’s our recap:Health Hiccup #1: Forgetting About MuscleHealthContinue reading “health hiccup – are you tossing & turning?”

signs of a good workout…

For a really long time, I associated this with a good workout: Pain-exhausted-sweating-high heart rate And granted, during specific instances (racing triathlon), all of *those* feelings were #expected.  But then my entire workout attitude got all fucked up and I associated all that as being ABSOLUTELY necessary for a “worthy” workout; which meant I wasContinue reading “signs of a good workout…”

health hiccup #4: skipping meals

Happy Weekend Fam! Today is Day 4 of the 6 most common health hiccups my tribe suffered through before they started my 3M lifestyle switch with me!  My 3M Method: Mindfulness 🧘🏽‍♀️ Move 🏋️‍♂️ Moderate 🍱  To recap, here’s what we covered so far: Health Hiccup #1: Forgetting Muscle Health Hiccup #2: Ignoring Body’s CuesContinue reading “health hiccup #4: skipping meals”

health hiccup #2 – do you do this?

Yesterday, I wrote about the most common health hiccup my ladies are going through when they first begin to work with me – my Cardio Queens forgetting about the very important muscle mass developed through progressive weight training, the only way “we must we must increase our bust” LOL 😉 Today, I the second healthContinue reading “health hiccup #2 – do you do this?”

biggest health hiccups – are you making one?

Over the 20 years experience in working with my ladies over 30, I have found 6 common health hiccups they are making when we start our work together. Over the next 6 days, I’ll be teaching you what each hiccup is and how to avoid it! When I first meet my tribe, they are settledContinue reading “biggest health hiccups – are you making one?”

the top 3 excuses I hear from clients

As a female personal trainer in Honolulu, Hawaii, I’ve worked with thousands of women around the globe (thank you virtual platforms)! And with my over 20 years experience, I hear so many different reasons why clients may not be able to exercise or eat how they plan. And unfortunately, there is no magical solution forContinue reading “the top 3 excuses I hear from clients”