the only pounds you should focus on

You can pee out about a pound. #water
You may even poop out two. #foodvolume
If you eat a bowl of pho, you’ll gain 2-3. #sodium
It’s your period week? 4-5 lbs up is norm. #waterretention

The only pounds you should be persuaded by? The ones you load onto the bar!

Ready to @levelup by adding lifting heavy stuff to your #antiaging arsenal? Get in on my Feb enrollment!

Here’s why you need strength training: “Strength training means slowing and reversing the aging process at the cellular and genetic level, increase your energy, protect against the effects of aging, improve insulin resistance (the kindling for all sorts of diseases), reduce mortality and improve brain function.” (Exercisecoach.com)

Don’t wait! Muscle mass means more definition (tone); a faster metabolism and increased food flexibility not to mention stronger bones! Forget that slogan drink your milk for your bones, just lift some weights!

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