that was then this is now

You know already there is so. much. nutrition information out there. A big chunk of it is often WRONG and comes from absolutely NOWHERE. I’ve witnessed first hand how many of my ladies end up confused, misled and miserable as they live and die by their hard core diet rules, extreme fitness rules and suck it up buttercup food fads. 

AND I WAS THAT CO-WORKER always trying the latest and greatest diet. As a half of my life time dieter, I’ve personally done…

-Straight Up Starvation

-Slim Fast 


– Low Carb


-All Bean diet



-Whole Food 30

-The Zone

-Jenny Craig

-The Blood Type Diet

-Carnivore Diet

-High Carb 

-Low Fat Diet

-Grapefruit Diet

And I went that extra mile you know:

I found a local Doctor who prescribed me Orlistat even though I was way under the BMI requirement. 

I used Ipecac syrup to force myself to purge my food since I couldn’t do it the “old fashioned way.” 

Ah, if I knew then what I know now and yes SISTER – THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW!

Now I help women stop the insanity, eat what they like when they want it and to move their bodies in ways that only feel good. We are no longer on the suffer train ya feel me? Those days of deprivation, restriction, over training and self loathing are of the past. And it feels so… cue Van Halen’s Feels so Good!

What’s your hard core diet or exercise rule you used to or even still live by? Drop it below 👇🏾 ❤️ LA

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