health hiccup #2 – do you do this?

Yesterday, I wrote about the most common health hiccup my ladies are going through when they first begin to work with me – my Cardio Queens forgetting about the very important muscle mass developed through progressive weight training, the only way “we must we must increase our bust” LOL 😉 Today, I the second healthContinue reading “health hiccup #2 – do you do this?”

do you have “skin in the game?”

This is Kim. Kim is a pretty much life long vegan. She spends a lot of time on food prep and a lot of money on her training sessions. Despite having a very hectic job as an RN, Kim always makes our weekly early morning sessions. As your Oahu based female personal and virtual trainer,Continue reading “do you have “skin in the game?””

is somebody watching over you?

Somebody watching OVER you is a great thing!  I help women transform their relationship with fitness & food to create a sustainable lifestyle they love.  It’s not a short term, quick fix, cookie cutter approach. It’s going to take the same amount of effort and work as those fad diets you’ve been juggling 🤹‍♂️ allContinue reading “is somebody watching over you?”

scam alert! i’m gonna burst your diet bubble

SCAM ALERT. This may just burst your bubble, but sorry, not sorry. I’ve been a personal trainer long enough to see, first hand experience and work with many women who have fallen victim to these very, horrible fad diet claims that promise 6 pack abs and the body of your dreams. TBH, in my dietContinue reading “scam alert! i’m gonna burst your diet bubble”

my 3 daily nutrition commitments i make to myself

As a fitness and workout trainer in Honolulu, Hawaii, it is my mission to get women across the globe to love the bodies they are in and to view FOOD as simply FOOD; not good food or bad food. But, to get there, it takes time. As I coach women out of the deprive-binge cycle,Continue reading “my 3 daily nutrition commitments i make to myself”

former food obsessed here

I’ve been there. On ALL the diets. Counting calories, restricting and depriving myself most of my adult life. I was Food Obsessed. How about you?  Do you have a constant stream of thoughts about food; what you can’t have, what you can have, how much you can have, how many calories, and so on??? It’sContinue reading “former food obsessed here”

medium fat protein sources in Hawaii

Welcome to Day 2 of my 4 day coverage of low fat, medium fat, high fat and plant based protein sources here in Hawaii. As a virtual and female certified personal trainer on Oahu, my clients are often confused as to why protein choices matter. Most of the time they are unaware they are needingContinue reading “medium fat protein sources in Hawaii”

low fat protein sources in hawaii

Here is Day 1 of a 4 Day PROTEIN CHEAT SHEET just for you! Living in Hawaii, we love our fish and poi; but, no doubt, we also love our fatty cuts of meat! As a female personal trainer in Hawaii, working on Oahu, I get asked ALL OF THE TIME, what low fat proteinContinue reading “low fat protein sources in hawaii”

my tried and true tips to getting back on the wagon

Any one else raid the pantry during quarantine?  I know I did! Needless to say, without constantly working out with the gyms close, I put on a few pounds. I’ll get to that, but real quick – My #SwitchingGears FREE 5 Day Self Care Challenge is launching September 2nd! For a limited time, I will giveContinue reading “my tried and true tips to getting back on the wagon”

diet starts monday…

Hey sister! Do you have weight you want to lose and are thinking about going on a diet?  Before you do, I want to have a little chat with you about diets and why you might want to think twice before you start one.  So, let’s be real: how many times have you told yourselfContinue reading “diet starts monday…”