do you have “skin in the game?”

This is Kim. Kim is a pretty much life long vegan. She spends a lot of time on food prep and a lot of money on her training sessions. Despite having a very hectic job as an RN, Kim always makes our weekly early morning sessions. As your Oahu based female personal and virtual trainer, we’ve been at it for over a decade now. 

So I asked her, what is the one thing she thinks keeps her accountable after all these years? Despite family obligations and late work nights, stress, insomnia.

She replied, “paying you every week! 

HA! Right on!!!

I’m not fooled. Although my clients love their programming with me and our relationship, for some, the dinero they place aside for their customized wellness with me is their “skin in the game.” 

I know first hand how some fear, some risk, that pit in your stomach type of fear is required to #l3v3lup. YOU NEED SKIN IN THE GAME!

So when people tell me my fees are too expensive, I tell them “it’s ok, you can go ahead and purchase what you need somewhere else.” 

Know your worth. Value your time. Set healthy boundaries. 

#sorrynotsorry #worthit #priorities 


When that #preworkout kicks in. I offer 1:1 & virtual training in Honolulu, HI! #femalepersonaltrainer

♬ Work Bitch – Britney Spears

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