the exercise you should be doing

This is demonstrating the Quadruped extension or aka the Bird Dog exercise.

Quadruped is the position where both hands and knees are on the ground.

It is the starting position of crawling that all children do. When young babies are learning to walk, quadruped helps them develop curves in their spine and core strength. For adults, there are so many more reasons to add quadruped into your regimen such as:

-spinal stabilization
-reinforce proper spinal alignment 
-core recruitment

This exercise give us a chance to integrate multiple joint movements together is important to regain or improve functional movement.  Being able to coordinate movement of multiple joints helps improve balance, overall coordination, and efficiency in movement. And lets face it– everyone could benefit from that!

In addition – my pregnant ladies out there – this is a must do pre and post natal! Why? 

Well, pregnancy hormones relax the joints in your pelvic area, shifting your alignment. A strong core will help keep your balance in check and prevent poor posture (which can exacerbate back pain). Plus, the stronger your abs are prebaby, the easier it will be to lose the pooch later on. 

This is a must-do move for your middle:

* Get on your hands and knees with wrists aligned under shoulders and knees under hips

* Slowly extend your right leg to hip height behind you, then extend your left arm to shoulder height in front of you

* Hold for 2 to 5 breaths

* Return to starting position and repeat on opposite side to complete set

Do 1 set of 12 to 15 reps daily! 

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