trust yourself

Kristin has been a long time client who started to comment that her extremely low energy levels were unexplainable; her sleep patterns were all over the place and her evening hunger and cravings were to her, out-of-control. Through my 3M Method, we worked together to really pin point the messages her body was telling her. We used this biofeedback as data to create a wellness plan that finally settled into where she is at now – in a wellness lifestyle that is effortless. Did this happen over night? Of course not. She stayed committed to the journey; let go of expectations and switched her mindset to see all realms of progress, as successes versus just weighing her worth on the scale.

Here I share in video format further detail on the Moderation part of my 3M Method to Transform Your Body. We used her body’s feedback as data over time to really determine the root cause of hunger, cravings and energy imbalance. It’s all about LISTENING TO YOUR BODY’S subtle cues and being in tuned with them and being able to adjust and pivot when necessary. If you need help creating your long term 3M Lifestyle as the last food and fitness plan you will ever need, message me for your free 30 minute wellness audit coaching call!

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