Are you READY to #LEVELUP?

#LEVELUP | 12 week Lean Muscle Building Program

For woman 40+ who want to learn how to use strength training to change their body shape for good!

Lean Out. Get Strong. Feel Amazing.


  • Struggling to get out of a slump wanting to use your time to move your body, but you don’t know how to start or where to begin.
  • Subjecting yourself to restrictive diets and intense workout routines that result in a vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain.
  • Feeling lazy, lacking motivation, and unsure what to do next?
  • Knowing deep down there’s something better out there but feeling like you’ll never find it?

If so, then #LevelUP is for you!


#LevelUP is my signature 12-week customized lean muscle building program designed specifically for women ages 40+. This revolutionary results-based program delivers everything you need to lose body fat, build muscle, and take back control over your health, without having to restrict your food and do endless amounts of exercise. At the end of this program, you will lean out, get strong, and feel amazing, all while getting Strong #AF.

Lee-Ann Watanabe 1995 versus 2019

Do you want to transform your body into a lean muscle building machine while enjoying food freedom & flexibility? Every day women reach out to me saying this: “It’s been a struggle. I’m in a slump. I need to be using my free time better. I am getting so lazy and I have to get motivated again. I just don’t know how to begin or even where to start.” Look no further! I’m giving YOU the exact workouts suitable for YOUR body so that you can become a calorie burning machine!

Here’s how my #LEVELUP program works!

Customized workouts for your UNIQUE body! My program will challenge your mind and body in new ways. I use progressive overload in your strength training programs specifically targeted for female lean muscle building. You will receive a new customized program every 4-week block. At the end of every 4-week block, we will do one 30-minute Coaching Call to discuss your progress, your feelings, your thoughts and our next steps leading into the next 4 week block. You have access to me via text, instant message, chat, Voxer, email or phone, M-F 6A – 7P HST.

This is an individual program supported with a closed, private Facebook group. So yes, you need to sign up for a free Facebook account. You don’t need to post anything or check in daily; however, it is highly encouraged that you use the group to keep you engaged, motivated and also as a support system for help, whenever you feel stress is building up or motivation is winding down. There is great value in being a solo participant who is a part of a larger tribe! If you do post, I ask that you use the hashtag #LevelUP and tag me!

You’ll get exact workouts, with all instruction and videos using my free online platform called True Coach. So yes, you will need to sign up for a free True Coach account once I send you the invite. You will use True Coach to access your workouts and you will be responsible for logging the completion of your workouts in the True Coach application. I will be checking in with you Monday – Friday on the True Coach messenger application!

Have access to ME, a REAL LIVE HUMAN for questions, contact, support and accountability. This is not a “throw you to the wolves” program where you are left to do your own guesswork. This is a program where you’ll do the prescribed work, but I’ll be right there in your corner, especially when you need me! Access me via text, chat, Voxer, email or instant message. I got yo back sistah!

You’ll have a chance to be featured on my website and social media accounts. I will be choosing my favorite insights and shares on Facebook for recognition on my blog and screenshots for my social media.

You’ll also receive additional BONUS education via Zoom and email. This will be education on my 3M Method which includes Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation education empowering you to keep on, keeping on!

Questions? You can always email me: leeann.watanabe@gmail.com

What People Are Saying About #LEVELUP


I love that I don’t have to think about what I am supposed to do. Lee-Ann does it all for me! I especially love having my workouts tailored based on my needs. Since starting #LevelUp, I have become very consistent with my exercise and having access to Lee-Ann keeps me accountable.


Angel’s 3 month progress after a long battle of extreme dieting and exercise: Released 8.8 pounds and released a total of 13.5 inches while eating more calories and doing less exercise!




“I was once over 300 lbs, and couldn’t run if my life depended on it. I was teased and ridiculed for my weight most of my life, I was 180lbs in 3rd grade. With God’s grace, supportive folks, I lost the weight. Now I work with Lee-Ann and my #LevelUP program to be the strongest I can be, both inside and outside!”





Aloha! I’m Lee-Ann!

Hey there! I’m so looking forward to having you in my lean muscle building program called #LEVELUP. I am pumped for you because with my over 20 years of experience working with females, I know together we will generate a ton of results, support, camaraderie, guidance and good old fashioned fun for you!

My personal wellness philosophy is to help women break free from their inner critic resulting in increased confidence, self-trust and healthy boundaries. I use my proprietary 3M Method- Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation to help you BREAK FREE from extreme exercise and the binge and deprive food cycle. This program is for women seeking to elevate their self care game to take their wellness results one level higher in the healthiest and most balanced, sustainable way – the only way 😉

After 20 years in the industry, I see so many women struggling with exercise and nutrition. They struggle with consistency and accountability. The #LEVELUP lean muscle building program was created for women interested in leaning out, improving their performance so that they can feel amazing, love their bodies and feel supported through our community of like-minded females cheering one another one!

#LevelUp – I’m Ready!

Receive your customized 12 week lean building body using my customized strength training program just for your body! We will use my private Facebook group as a support system. #LevelUP your body in 12 weeks!


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