#LevelUP 1:1 VIP Coaching

Lean Out. Get Strong. Feel Amazing.

Workouts. Nutrition. Results. 

Customized metcon training and nutrition program for women who want to #LevelUP their strength, performance and physique…for good all the while feeling amazing and Strong as F!



Do you want to transform your body into a lean muscle building machine while enjoying food freedom & flexibility?

Join my 4 week #LEVELUP lean muscle building program. Spaces are limited!

For less than a Starbucks Frappe a day, I’m giving YOU the exact workouts and nutritional guidelines suitable for YOUR body so that you can become a calorie burning machine!

I talk to women every day who tell me “It’s been a struggle. I’m in a slump. I need to be using my free time better. I am getting so lazy and I have to get motivated again. I just don’t know how to begin or even where to start.” This is why I am so stoked to announce that my 4 week lean building program #LevelUP is now open for enrollment!

Here’s how the #LEVELUP lean muscle building program works:

The name of the game is forward progress for big results! The goal is to challenge yourself in new ways via metcons and macros programmed for your unique body.

This is an individual program supported with a closed, private Facebook group. So yes, you need to sign up for a free Facebook account. You don’t need to check in daily or post your progress; however, it is highly encouraged that you use the group to keep you engaged, on the grind and for help, whenever you feel stress is building up or motivation is winding down. There is great value in being a solo participant who is a part of a larger community! If you do post, I ask that you use the hashtag #LevelUP and tag me!

I’ll provide you with YOUR exact workouts and macros using the application called True Coach. So yes, you will need to sign up for a free True Coach account once I send you the invite. You will use True Coach to access your workouts and your nutrition recommendations and you will be responsible for logging your completion of your workouts in the True Coach application.

Have access to ME, a REAL LIVE HUMAN for questions, contact, support and accountability. This is not a “throw you to the wolves” program where you are left to do your own guesswork. This is a program where you’ll do the prescribed work, but I’ll be right there in your corner, especially when you need me! Access me via text, chat, Voxer, email or instant message. I got yo back sistah!

You’ll have a chance to be featured on my website and social media accounts. I will be choosing my favorite insights and shares on Facebook for recognition on my blog and screenshots for my social media.

You’ll also receive additional BONUS education via Zoom and email. This will be education on food moderation, movement and mindset so you that can stay on track!

Questions? You can always email me: leeann.watanabe@gmail.com

Hi! I’m Lee-Ann Watanabe!

Hey there! I’m so looking forward to having you in the brand new challenge, #LEVELUP. I am pumped to generate a ton of results, support, camaraderie, guidance and good old fashioned fun!

My personal wellness philosophy is to help women break free from their inner critic resulting in increased confidence, self-trust and healthy boundaries. I use my proprietary 3M Method- Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation to help you BREAK FREE from extreme exercise and the binge and deprive cycle. This challenge is for women seeking to elevate their self care game to take their wellness results one level higher in the healthiest and most balanced, sustainable way – the only way 😉

After 20 years in the industry, I see so many women struggling with exercise and nutrition. They struggle with consistency and accountability. The #LEVELUP lean muscle building program was created for women interested in leaning out, improving their performance so that they can feel amazing, love their bodies and feel supported through our community of like-minded females cheering one another one!

#LevelUp – I’m Ready!

Create your lean building body using my customized strength training program just for you! We will use my private Facebook group as a support system and hey - a little friendly competition never hurt! #LevelUP your body in 4 weeks! Optional nutritional guidance available upon request.


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