beware of these influencers

RANT Alert!

I just received an email from a personal trainer. She’s promised if I just did these 3 THINGS I would protect myself from COVID.

Great I thought, she’s going to serve her community (well over 12k followers), acting in their best interest, to provide them with 3 really smart, balanced and just good for you tips that can be easy implemented. 

WELP, folks, I was WRONG. And I’m kinda irritated about it. 

You see, this “coach” is one of a zillion pumping out the latest pill, shake, program, protein bar, injection or medically invasive procedure promising weight loss. 

Her tips were sound. Ya know – the usual: reduce sugar and refined (aka processed) carb intake; eat an abundant amount of foods high in vitamins A, C and phytonutrients and eat foods pumped with probiotics and prebiotics. 

And it would have been great if she didn’t end with a push to pay for a 14 day sugar detox for HELP with reducing your sugar cravings, and/or detoxing after over-indulging during the holidays.


Friends! The global detox market was valued at over $51 billion last year. Cold pressed juice. Shakes. Slimming Teas. Carb blockers. 

There’s just a lot of, a lot of scamming going on. The only thing you need to detox your body naturally is your liver and your kidneys. And if, if those aren’t working, you should seek medical attention right away, not advice from an instagram wellness influencer. 

Look, if you have a problem and are looking for a quick fix, there are millions of social media celebrities out there looking to provide you with the magical solution for pay. 

The main takeaway is no one needs to detox. And if you think you do, you should talk to a doctor about it.


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