the lessons i’ve learned in 2020

Every year I pick a word for myself; a word that I keep in my head and heart as I tackle my year. 

My word for 2020 is unstoppable. Ha! How funny is that for this year where everything was put on pause including my Honolulu-based personal training and fitness training business.

The year of COVID has taught me this valuable lessons: My absolute resistance to change.

Case in point: my 15-month old Chihuahua Min-Pin named Gigi. Gigi came to our home as a 6 month old special case from the Hawaiian Humane Society. She exhibited extreme fear-based aggression.

So, what did I do with such an “unstable” dog? I did all the wrong things.

How many times have you done things thinking you were part of the solution only to realize you were a very big part of the problem?

When faced with my Gigi dilemma, I knew right away I needed to implement these EXACT 3 steps that I use with my clients to create sustainable solutions. 

#1. Ask yourself WHY?! Why do you want to do / change / start the thing? And then ask yourself “why” four more times. Write out your answers.

==My need for Gigi to be a happy and thriving part of my family outweighed my want for Gigi to be attached to me ❤️

#2. Ask for HELP! Whether it be a friend, family member or a paid professional, seek out the best person to assist you with the thing you want to do! 

==I didn’t have the expertise or the tools to implement the change I wanted, so I hired an expert Dog Trainer.

#3. Start Small. This is a life time process, not a quick fix scheme. Instead of getting overwhelmed with all of the changes I needed to make, I started with one thing that would make a big impact on starting the change.

==The dog trainer wanted me to start with crate training a total of 10 minutes per day and so I kept focused on that and started with that.

If you are battling with some uncertainty right now, especially with your nutrition and fitness, use my 3 steps above to streamline your plan of action. And if you are looking for a group of girlfriends to help cheer you on, sign up for my free 30 day New Year, Happy You challenge! 

If you’re looking to feel your absolute best without beating yourself up over being perfect, this challenge is for you! Register here!

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