are you a runner or new to strength training?

Are you a runner?

Are you a beginner to strength training and have knee issues with squats and lunges?
This is for you!!! The VMO Dip exercise!

The VMO Dip is an exercise that can help alleviate knee pain and develop more efficient knee cap movement by strengthening the Quad muscle (the muscle that is your front thigh).
Lunge and squat problems or knee pain from running can occur in part because of weak knees. One muscle above the knee—called the vastus medialis oblique, or VMO—often needs to build its strength before you can properly perform lunges or squats.
Here’s how to do it: The VMO DIP

  • Stand on a the edge of a step.
  • Slowly bend the weight bearing leg maintaining alignment through your hip, knee and ankle.
  • Drop the outside heel until you just about touch the floor (just brushing the floor, not pausing or stopping on the floor)
  • Return to standing and repeat
  • Perform 12-15 reps then switch legs

I suggest that most people incorporate these VMO dips into their routine 2x per week to keep your knees primed for all of your daily movement, whether it’s prescribed exercise or as simple as walking with your family after dinner.

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