that trainer vs. me as your trainer

Here’s 4 ways that OTHER trainer is pumping you up for the New Year:

#1. It’s THE time to get back into shape!

#2. It’s THE time to work off all those calories you consumed over the holidays!

#3. It’s THE time to a get back on track! 

#4. It’s THE time to drop 10lbs and 1 pants size!

Here’s the 4 ways I as YOUR TRAINER will pump you up for the New Year:

#1. Help you counter your inner self critic

#2. Teach you how to move for YOUR body, meeting you where you are at with the time you really HAVE

#3. Coach you to heal your relationship with food so that you can enjoy eating once again without shame or guilt

#4. Empower you using strength training showing you just how strong (inside and out) you really are!

AND SO I’M EXCITED to announce my free 30 day New Year, Happy You challenge starting on January 4th. Here’s what you can expect:

-weekly movement class

-weekly moderation365 food relationship class

-weekly mindfulness class

-private Facebook group for community support

-daily #sweatchecks to keep us having fun fun fun

-weekly prize giveaways

-weekly guest presenters teaching us all new things!

Want in? Email me I’M IN! 

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