in case you forget, it’s not new year new you

“Have you been seriously over-indulging during the holidays? And now your waistline and thighs are paying for it?”

☝🏾THAT is the exact email I received yesterday from a popular fitness professional that tens of thousands of women look to for guidance.

There’s nothing wrong with body goals. Weight loss goals are awesome. Physique change goals are great. I advocate for anyone wanting body change either for health or aesthetics. Shit, I used to say out loud that I only worked out to be skinny. Thank goodness I’ve learned a better way.

What is your waist line and thighs paying for?

I’ll tell you – those thighs & that waist line -they fucking DO WORK!

They allow you to walk, run, crawl
They have babies
They bike, swim, strength train
They dance & play with friends
They create life and have sex
They get down and dirty
They get married
They graduate, excel, learn, grow

Those thighs and that waistline, THEY ALWAYS help you find your way back through…

-love & loss
-birth & death
-injury & illness
-hurt & joy
-pain & comfort
-weight gain & weight loss

So please sis, Find your way back to the HAPPY YOU and screw all of the New Year, New You zealots out there.

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