dieting makes us dumber

Dieting makes us DUMBER!

Crazy food rules are all around us, especially now during the holidays when Trainer A is offering that you cleanse and detox your Holidays away and Trainer B is yelling that you white knuckle it, put on your big girl panties and stay on track at all costs, cuz ya know, if you want it bad enough…


And as your community service announcement, here I provide you with 8 diet rules that actually make us all DUMBER, myself included!

Why? Because if you tell someone not to do something, they can’t help but do it or they obsessively think about doing it only to do it eventually. They make us rebel. And this rebellion makes us inconsistent. Do you find this to be true? I do! Been there. Done that, too!

Stop trying to stick to extreme food rules like these. And I am sorry to say that this is a very SMALL list of SO MANY freaky food rules out there!

So remember, ALL OF THIS, this is not the long term answer you’re looking for. If you’re truly wanting to make a lifestyle change and eat better long term, let me chat with you about my #Moderation365 Nutrition Coaching; a 6 week food relationship course that is committed to eating the same on Saturday as you do on Monday so that you have bites of everything and binge on nothing.

Because let me tell you sistah, this way of eating- eating for satisfaction-will be the easy choice, not the difficult choice!

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