christmas + food = shame

Christmas + Food = SHAME

There’s a lot of stress and shame around enjoying traditional holiday foods that are delicious and fun, but maybe not the most nutrient-dense.All this holiday food anxiety sets in motion a restrict-binge cycle that can be hard to find your way out of, even once the holiday season is over.I’ve been there. Done that.If thinking about food over the holidays makes you feel anxious, or if being around it makes you feel out of control, know that you’re not alone in feeling that way. The good news? It’s absolutely possible to change your relationship with food around the holidays, and in general.Set these friendly reminders on your phone! And remember, the BEST thing you can do is to try to not let food guilt dominate your holiday season.Give yourself grace. Know that you aren’t a bad person because you ate beyond fullness. And trust me when I say that you can get to a place where you’re able to just move on from whatever food situation you used to deem stressful. Focus on celebrating all the great things in your life with the people around you!Happy Holidays Tribe!

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