feeling anxious about Christmas?


For many this time of year can be filled with feelings of anxiety determining how to overcome the onslaught of delicious foods.

I was one of those people. I’d get majorly stressed and I would restrict all my carbs and do hours of extra cardio all during the holidays. After nights out of food and fun, I would wake up early and go for a ‘guilt run’ in an attempt to burn off all the stuff I had consumed.

As you can imagine this sucked. Your energy is up and down. Your mood is all over the place. Your gym performance is shit due to the constant deprive and binge. I felt extremely tired all the time. My body actually looked worse, and my hunger was through the roof.

During the holidays, I’d become so food-obsessed that it would consume me. And it got to the point that I did not enjoy this time of year at all.

However, over the last few years my mindset has shifted, I no longer look at food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and I no longer let food control me. I knew I could eat what I wanted and be OK, so long as I practiced #moderation365. I learned how to stop placing food on a pedestal by allowing all food at any time and eventually, my “forbidden” foods stopped holding power over me.

So if this time of year fills you with feelings of anxiety, if it scares you, let me help you navigate the holidays using my #Moderation365 nutrition coaching.

We all need to be able to handle days away from our ‘ideal diet’ and you know what???? What you might think is going to be a major set-back really won’t be. You should be able to relax about going slightly off plan, after all, food obsession is not a healthy nor a happy place to be.

Over this week, I’m gonna give you some ways you can really relax and eat drink and be merry like me. ❤️💋💪🏾

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