fat burning snack ideas

Here are some great fat burning snack ideas, all about 100-200 calories each!

Minute Maid light orange mix w/vanilla protein
Apple with cheese stickApple with cheese stick 
Slice of toast with tablespoon of nut butter
20 almonds or cashews 
1 serving size of cereal 
2 cups of veggies with 2 tablespoons ranch serving of crackers with cheese stick
2 egg whites top with salsa inside a corn tortilla
1/2 ready made / grab and go sandwich 
1 small can of tuna with a handful of crackers 
1/2 cup cottage cheese and a 1/2 cup of fruit
1 ounce of chocolate 
1 whole piece of fruit (apple, banana, pear, orange)ba
3 ounces of protein (tuna, chicken, turkey, eggs)turj
2 hard boiled eggs 
3 cups of air popped popcorn with 1 tablespoon butter 
2 celery sticks with 1 tablespoon of nut butter energy bars like Luna, Clif, Z bars and Mojo to name a few…

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