how often should i eat to lose weight?

As a #honolulupersonaltrainer, I want you to know that all diets have their pros and cons. It’s my job to help YOU find the approach that works best for YOU! 

Our bodies are amazingly adaptable to a vast array of diets. And the best diet is the one that both matches your unique physiology and is something that you enjoy enough to follow consistently!

I’ve tried a gazillion #extremediets from fasts, cleanses, starvation, and everything else in between. 

What I do know is what I’ve found that works best for me which is eating a #macrobaseddiet of 5 meals daily that focuses on enough protein for muscle building, a good amount of carbs for energy and moderate amount of fat. 

I fit in the foods that are absolutes for me like cereal, milk or cream in my coffee and one sweet treat every day. This keeps my hunger and cravings pretty manageable despite being in a #caloricdeficit since I am in a body fat loss phase. 

What you must remember is that you can get lean, strong, and healthy on a plant-based or a meat-based diet. 

You can improve your health with organic, free-range foods and with conventional foods. 

And you can lose weight on a low food budget or an unlimited one.

The magic 🪄 secret is #consistency, a little know-how and a system for using the best practices for your goals and your body! 

If you need help, that’s what I’m here for! Let’s chat!

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