can i drink alcohol, soda, juice, sweet tea and still lose weight?

Can ya drink your booze and still shed the LBs? 

Well, ya could but booze 🍸 🥃 would just take you longer to reach your goals. Plus don’t you find that after drinking alcohol, your cravings increase and your brain mindfulness shuts down and you end up eating crap food? Maybe not. But that’s definitely ME 🙋🏽‍♀️ 

I don’t know about you, but I’m in a DEFICIT right now and I’d totally prefer to EAT my calories instead of drinking them! 

My #honolulupersonaltrainer advice to you:

Don’t drink your calories!

When you eat the right amount of calories to lose weight but you drink liquid calories,those liquid calories still count even if they don’t fill you up. It’s those calories that are either preventing you from losing weight or even causing you to gain weight.

At the beginning of this year, a client of mine, Leila, decided to lose weight. She started doing the math on her daily Big Gulp of Mountain Dew she consumed every work afternoon and the calorie consumption was in the thousands… PER DAY! Leila was quite astonished because she had no idea! 

“People don’t realize how many calories are in a Big Gulp cup,” Leila says. “When I found out I was drinking over 3,000 calories in soda every day I was disgusted.”

Even worse though is that the calories you drink have ZERO IMPACT on your hunger! When you drink an extra 200 calories during your meal, you don’t even feel it. You don’t feel more full or satisfied than if you had just drank a glass of zero calorie water!

Tip: I know it isn’t glamorous, but you should really drink water instead. If you’re not a fan of just plain water, infuse your water with flavor by adding slices of citrus or other fruits. Opt for seltzer water. I’m in LOVE with the various flavored seltzer’s out there. So yummy! Use flavored water drops or packets (in moderation of course) to begin a solid water drinking habit. 

The goal is to aim for at least 84-100 ounces of water per day! And please, do not count coffee or your DIET soda as part of your water consumption! 

Do you have a hard time drinking 💦 ? If not, what has worked for you? If you do have trouble, what is the biggest obstacle you are facing with drinking enough water?

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