looking for the fountain of youth?

Looking for a fountain of youth? 

Exercise can turn back the clock, jumpstart your energy, and restore your health. Even if you’ve been a couch potato for decades, it’s never too late to start. Now is the perfect time to get up, get moving, and get fit. Here’s why—and how.

Step 1: Start Small

Ken came to me after an over 30 year hiatus from physical activity. He loved golf but noticed his stamina and mobility were lacking. We spent MONTHS, yep MONTHS focusing on body weight exercises to improve his core strength; work on his balance and use key moves to keep his spine moving freely.

Step 2: Find a Workout Buddy

Ken was referred to be by his golfing buddy who had been a long time personal training client himself. Ken’s Buddy experienced the benefits of a #personaltrainer firsthand and wanted the same for Ken.

Step 3: Don’t Wait

Ken knew he wanted to not only improve his golf but to also take active vacations with his adult children and to keep up with his new grandchild. Ken realized he needed to put the excuses aside and just do it!

Step 4: Embrace Change

Ken was a newbie to exercise in his 60’s. He knew he needed to be strong for his soon to be retirement adventures. Exposing Ken to exercise didn’t only benefit his body, but also had kept him alert and his brain healthy as he is constantly learning and trying new exercise things!

Step 5: Make it a Habit 

At first, exercise was tough for Ken. Wall sits and modified planks would exhaust him. In time, his strength improved and these exercises became easier. He was hooked. Exercise became a backbone of his daily routine. Our sessions gave his daily schedule purpose as well as a challenge. He’s motivated because he feels good and enjoys the accomplishment of a completed workout. Exercise is now his habit. And Ken has stuck to his healthy habit for over 7 years now!

Step #6: Start Again If You Need To

This is what I love most about my clients 60 or better. They don’t let failure deter them; obstacles are temporary and they thrive on finding solutions that suit them best (not what everyone else is doing). Exercise has provided a positive outlook on life for Ken as he starts another life chapter!

If you have an aging adult in your life, I highly recommend you get them moving! Any physical activity is a great way to keep their bodies strong and their minds young. I am a female personal training in Honolulu, Hawaii working with seniors (our kupuna). Give your loved one the gift of health and watch them sore high through their golden years!

Here is the great testimonial Ken wrote:

Lee-Ann Watanabe has been my Trainer for 5+ years. She is the only trainer I have ever work with. From the beginning she knew what I needed and over the years of my up’s and down’s she has continuously modified my workout whether due to a physical issues or due to travel breaks. As long as Lee-Ann will is still providing training to solo clients like me, she will be my only trainer. Thanks Lee-Ann, at 70 yrs old, I feel better than I did when I was 50.

Ken Richardson, September 2020

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