diets make us dumb

Over the years as a female workout and personal fitness trainer on Oahu, I’ve met a shit load of women who are lifetime, hardcore dieters. And over the years, I’ve seen how horribly diets fail these women, over and over and over again.

You see, diets are set up to cause you to fail, eventually… maybe not in 4 weeks or 3 months or 1 year, but eventually all go hard or go home diets send you straight back home because there is no out willing your physiology. Your HUNGER, your ENERGY, your CRAVINGS will ALWAYS OUT TRUMP your white knuckle tactics.

When I transition clients out of diets into my 3M Method wellness programming, we start our food freedom journey with MODERATION. It’s not a short term quick fix and you don’t just jump all in. NOPE. We start with a very simple exercise – give me a list of all the diet rules you believe you should be following and all of the diet rules you have been following.

Although I’ve been at this a while, I was completely surprised at the LISTS of RULES my clients provided to me; rules on rules on rules that left me exhausted, dizzy and overwhelmed. So, what did I do? I did what I did best – I made these rules into a TikTok to visually represent why what we THINK we should follow, maybe isn’t really what is best for us…

Meet Inmate Diet.Jailbird

Diet Jailbird’s daily life is ruled by diet to dos and to don’ts.

We are inundated with diet rules so much so that dieting is making us dumber! What diet rules control your life? 

RIP Diet Jailbird October 1, 2020 

Let me help you find #foodfreedom once and for all using @moderation365 nutritional coaching.

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