i’m NOT THAT trainer

Here are YOUR two missing links to you getting it done ✅✅!!

☝️ #consistency – doing the thing over & over

✌🏾 #accountability – checking in with someone to keep you on track 

Do you have to think about brushing your teeth? Or do you simply make your way to the bathroom and do this before you leave in the morning?

Do you have to think about your Breaktime cup of coffee? Or do you simply head to the coffee machine at 10:30 AM for your caffeine boost?

Do you have to think about having a shower in the morning or in the evening? Or do you simply switch on the hot water and jump in before you get dressed?

Can you say the same about your exercise and eating habits? Probably not.


Instead of heading home after work your habit was to go straight to meet your personal trainer? 

Instead of hitting snooze in the mornings you started your day with a virtual personal training session over Zoom? 

Instead of late snack binging on junk food, you scheduled a phone call with your Coach to help talk you through an emotional eating scenario?

These are ALL of the things I do for my clients whether we meet one on one, in real life or virtually on Zoom, on FaceTime, over the phone, text or chat. 

There is no price you can attach to have a real person as your sounding board to help you navigate the ups and downs of your health. 

Using my 3M Method – Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation, I help women find a sustainable way to live healthy and happy. I help women recover from over exercising and over dieting in a smart, balanced way. No diets or extremes here!

if you are looking for a trainer that will help you lose a shit ton of weight in a short amount of time, I’M NOT THAT TRAINER. #neednotapply #movealongnothingtoseehere

I am a Hawaii based personal trainer working out of Honolulu, Hawaii. I work with women who have experienced a life time of yo- yo dieting and binge eating. I work with seniors over the age of 65 plus. I am seeing clients one on one in person as well as virtually online. If you are looking for a fitness trainer in real life or a virtual workout trainer, I am currently accepting a few clients for October.

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