biggest health hiccups – are you making one?

Over the 20 years experience in working with my ladies over 30, I have found 6 common health hiccups they are making when we start our work together. Over the next 6 days, I’ll be teaching you what each hiccup is and how to avoid it!

When I first meet my tribe, they are settled into a career and a relationship. These ladies have spent half of their lives dedicated to either or both and had put their wellness on the back burner. When we have our consultation, I hear these three adjectives: BUSY, TIRED and OVERWHELMED. And this is where our courtship begins as I help them create a sustainable 3M Method food and fitness lifestyle they love.


Many of my clients are Cardio Queens chasing the belief that if that can stair step, walk, run, elliptical, Zumba, spin class their way to weight loss nirvana. And sure, aerobic exercise is “arguably the single best thing you can do for your cardiovascular health,” with some studies showing that cardio may reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and some forms of cancer, cardio is not the final answer to changing your shape! Women in their 30s should make time for strength training!

At about age 30 — even if you’re active — humans begin losing muscle mass. If you’re super sedentary (office job, no exercise), you can lose as much as 5 percent of muscle mass every decade after age 30.

3M Method Fast Fix: Mo Muscle, Mo Bettah

To help keep your muscles strong and functioning well, women should incorporate strength training into their exercise regimens. Strength training creates these tiny tears in your muscle tissues which then triggers the muscles to rebuild and strengthen! This is definitely the only kind of trauma you should welcome into your life! Muscle is living which means it is METABOLIC, so the more muscle you have the higher your metabolism which simply put, means you have more food freedom. Strength training can be done in all sort of ways – with fun toys, only using your body weight, the traditional stuff like dumbbells and barbells…

Let me teach you all the ways!


Self-motivated, intermediate to advanced with strength training?: Sign up for my customized lean muscle building program called #LevelUp.

Beginner to strength training, confused about what to do, not sure where to begin and no access to equipment?: Sign up for my Fit in 15 video series where you will receive (35) 15-minute body weight workouts programmed for the true beginner to strength training. Learn the classic body weight movements that serve as the building blocks for your strength training experience! Use my PDF blueprint as your strength training guide. Commit to 15 minutes a day for 35 days! Mark your calendars – this goes on fire sale Black Friday!

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