who the 21 day fitness fix isn’t for…

AN EXCUSER – when push comes to shove, this 21 day fitness fix isn’t for someone who relies on excuses to get a pass. No energy and no time won’t cut it here. The emails will take less than 5 minutes of your space and your daily anchor action will give you important insight into how you view food and fitness.

A SINGLE MINDED THINKER – my 21 day fitness fix isn’t for someone who always says “I just don’t have the motivation.” Stop saying you are too tired or too sad or too sick or too busy. It’s simply not true and until you turn your thinking around, you won’t see success. You will just keep feeling sick, tired and run down. With this old mindset of thinking, where will you be in 3 weeks from now, what about 3 months or even 3 years? It doesn’t just go away. It gets worse until you decide that you and your health come first.

A QUICK FIX FINDER – my 21 day fitness fix is NOT a quick fix. It is the EXACT opposite. I do not promote quick fixes or fad diets. My 21 day fitness fix instead looks at the underlying reasons behind your food and fitness behaviors (or lack thereof). My 3M Method in my 21 day fitness fix is based upon forward progress, slowly changing habits and making lifestyle changes that promote living a healthy, balanced life rather than being super strict for three weeks only to fall off the wagon and revert back to old ways in the end. “ALL OF THIS” – THIS is the basics of a living a healthy lifestyle!

No matter what you try or where you go for help with food and fitness, know this: We’re all looking for a ‘fix’, but what most people need more is a ‘long term solution’ so make sure whatever weight management program you choose is sustainable.


Do you want to eat 1200 calories (or whatever number of calories they give you) and work out every day forever? If that is what your current program requires you to do, then don’t expect to maintain the results you get from this program (or at least continue to lose weight) over time. We all know what happens when you drop a bunch of calories out of your diet and then can’t sustain that level of restriction? That’s right! That weight comes. Right. Back.

My 21 Day Fitness Fix is a good jump-start to learn good habits in Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation (my 3M Method, the backbone of my personal training programming and my personal training philosophy.

Over the course of the 21 days together, I will ask you to consider making small changes along the way.

And I guarantee this – that your achievements over the course of those 21 days will be truly life changing. You will learn to stop relying solely on the scale or the pictures to show your success. You will start to quiet the inner critic in your head and you will learn how to accept all forward progress as HUGE personal wins! Your change will come from within, in your mind and in your heart, and that will be the strong and permanent foundation of your health journey. You will be unstoppable!

Join my FREE 21 day email series called 21 Day Fitness Fix where I train you to build your food and fitness program once and for all. My 21 Day Fitness Fix email series will give you a daily dose of education, a simple 3M anchor action to implement right away and a sense of community you’ll receive through my tribe.

What do you have to lose? Take 5 minutes out of your day for your well being!I I so look forward to seeing you when my 21 Day Fitness Fix launches on November 21st!!!

Questions? I’ll be happy to answer any!

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