fix your fitness in 21 days!

Yep I’m in jeans πŸ‘– ! Yeah for Friday jeans πŸ‘– during COVID! 😝 

Anyone else feel better in normal not stay at home clothes? πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

On another note! I’m EXCITED! You are invited to my FREE 21 day email series called 21 Day Fitness Fix where I train you to build your food and fitness program once and for all. 

As a Hawaii virtual female personal trainer in the Honolulu area, I assist many clients around the world both in person and virtually. During these very uncertain times, I’ll share my 3M method which focuses on 3 keys areas: Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation. 

Whose the 21 Day Fitness Fix for:

This is for you if you’re are:

-CONFUSED & don’t know where to start to begin your exercise plan.

-A workout program jumper –  trying a different workout program each week convinced that if you just find the perfect one, you’ll be consistent. 

-FRUSTRATED & OVERWHELMED with all the fitness options out there because you are unsure which workout plan is perfect for you!

-RIDDLED WITH GUILT when you don’t exercise or skip a workout and can’t shut off that negative voice inside your head!! 

-HARSH SELF CRITIC telling yourself you are lazy and undisciplined when you fall off your eating plan or feeling lazy and guilty about not having an eating plan at all.

By joining  my 21 Day Fitness Fix you will receive a daily dose of education, a simple 3M anchor action to implement right away and a sense of community you’ll receive through my tribe.

What do you have to lose? Take 5 minutes out of your day for your well being!I I so look forward to seeing you when my 21 Day Fitness Fix launches on November 21st!!!

Questions? I’ll be happy to answer any!

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