you have to actually like what you eat

What if you actually liked how you ate every single day?

If you are like me, a LIFETIME dieter, then you’ll recognize these feelings right away:

1. You are either STARVING or miserably STUFFED.

2. You are deathly afraid of eating out situations where you can’t control your food intake (a party, a special occasion, a holiday, on vacation, at a friends house…)

3. You’ve labeled your favorite foods as TRIGGER foods which you refuse to have in your house (out of sight out of mind) because you can’t trust yourself around these foods.

The list of “food rules” can go on and on.

But what if you liked how you ate every day?

When you are not counting or stressing?

When you can have your favorite foods in moderation?

When there are no off limits foods?…

Sure it’s Scary and Uncomfortable! But you know what will happen?When you begin to learn to include all foods into your eating style, even your favorite foods, you will, you will overeat less-stress less (because you didn’t overeat)-you’ll feel satisfied (because you aren’t swinging from starving to stuffed extremes).

It’s all a cycle you see? Either you are in a cycle of Restriction & Binging or Starving & Stuffed. Those are not the FUN rides!

What if instead you could be in a cycle of Satisfied and Stress Free?

If you need some support with your eating style, I’m here for you! I’ve battled weight, diets and all of the in-between my entire life!

And one day, I’ll share my Ipecac syrup with you when I was in the lowest of lows of my food disorder. ❤️

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