slow is shitty, but slow is sustainable

I know first hand how slow results can be frustrating, stressful and just plain shitty.

I’ve chased the results wagon for a real long time.

I’ve done the quick fixes.

I’m guilty of programming the extremes as a total newbie trainer who didn’t know any better (and TBH who was also stuck in her own shirt storm of fitness and food obsession).

Some people will say it’s cuz I’m getting OLD. (I’m 43 by the way but gosh darn it, I feel like a solid 35 ha!) But my foot, my foot tho since fucking it up in Feb ‘20, that fucking foot it feels 78 years old #truth.

Perspective. Persistence. Perseverance.

If you want to be healthy for a very long time…

If you want to move without pain and keep up with the young folks in your circle ⭕️…

If you want to be strong, mobile, happy, and enjoy all environments with family and friends…

Then you gotta be all in, infinitely.

Once you let go of chasing the scale, removing all the foods you love and get real on your WHY for doing this in the first place, THEN AND ONLY THEN

Can we get to work! LFG!

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