agree to disagree?

Agree to disagree?

As a trainer, I have my idea of what a client program should look like. And just like that, a gazillion other trainers out there have their idea.

But I believe we can coexist in the same space. I wouldn’t knock down another trainer for their way or their view about what fitness programs should look like.

And shouldn’t this be the theme of our life?

We meet people with different views. We are best friends with those who have conflicting opinions. We are related to or even perhaps cohabitate with those who have opposing views.

Does this make one wrong and one right?

I don’t think so because I hope that despite this, we can all respect one another.

Aren’t we all just trying to be our best selves?

My mom raised us kids as devout Jehovah’s Witnesses. And in school, kids always made fun of me or treated me different because of all the activities I couldn’t do in school because of our faith. So I really began to form an opinion about all of this which shaped me into the human I am today…

A human that will:

❤️ Listen to others views
❤️ Hear people out
❤️ Validate others feelings

Because validation doesn’t mean agreeing. It means holding space for someone allowing them to say whatever they need to say.

If you have a different idea or opinion, I’ll acknowledge that because that is your truth.

Because all we have is our own stories, our own narratives, our own past and our own truth.


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