health hiccup #5: making too many big changes, too quickly.

Happy Sunday Fit Fam! We are at #5 of the 6 most common health hiccups my clients make before we begin our work together. Here is what we have discovered so far:

Health Hiccup #1: Forgetting About Muscle
Health Hiccup #2: Ignoring Your Body’s Cues
Health Hiccup #3: Scale Weight Obsession
Health Hiccup #4: Skipping Meals

The 5th health hiccup is MAKING TOO MANY BIG CHANGES, TOO QUICKLY. Have you done this?

When I meet a potential client, we either do a phone call or meet in person to get to know one another. It is during this meet and greet where we both figure out if we are a right fit to move forward with actual “in person” work together. As we discuss goals, this always happens – a client is super pumped to lose weight, stuck in a rut and wants to exercise, lift weights, change their diet, cut out sugar, get in 9 hours of sleep, eliminate caffeine, do more yoga, meditate… you see where I am going with this?

We tend to get so excited about our new adventure that we tend to want to DO ALL THE THINGS ALL AT ONCE since we have the motivation to do so. Sounds right, right?

Making too many changes too quickly is a sure fire way to burn out! No matter how motivated you are to make these changes, it is important to realize that any food and fitness change will create some stress in your life on top of the daily stress you already deal with (work, chores, household, etc.).

Lee-Ann’s 3M Method Fast Fix: I’m the trainer in your back pocket to talk you off of the ledge so to speak. My 3M Method will work with you to determine the best approach for YOU and YOUR BODY. And the best approach is to have a long-term goal, and then break it down into shorter-term goals and small changes. For example when I first work with a client, instead of changing their diet AND starting a new exercise routine the same week, I would have my client replace one sugary drink with water or commit to walking a mile each day to start. When you make changes that aren’t too extreme, you can go at your own pace and develop healthy habits that stick. This is the foundation of my 3M Method – helping women creating a healthy and sustainable relationship with food and fitness to create a wellness lifestyle they love!

I am the Personal Trainer ladies find when all of their yo-yo diets and extreme exercise has stopped working and their mental health has taken a toll because they live a diet & exercise obsessed life.

I am the Coach ladies find when they need a different point of view to help them navigate their wants, with their needs with their busy and overwhelming schedules.

I am the Partner ladies get into a relationship with because I help them transform their relationship with food and fitness into a sustainable and balanced 3M Lifestyle they love, that lasts not for 12 weeks but for their lifetime. (BTW – my proprietary 3M Method includes Mindfulness, Movement and Moderation; my 3 pronged approach to long term health and wellness with food and exercise!)

Jump on my 21 Day Fitness Fix! I am here for ya! You are invited to my FREE 21 day email series called 21 Day Fitness Fix where I train you to build your food and fitness program once and for all. 

My 21 Day Fitness Fix email series will give you a daily dose of education, a simple 3M anchor action to implement right away and a sense of community you’ll receive through my tribe.

What do you have to lose? Take 5 minutes out of your day for your well being!I I so look forward to seeing you when my 21 Day Fitness Fix launches on November 21st!!!

Questions? I’ll be happy to answer any!

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