my approach to holiday eating

I know first hand how holiday eating can wreak havoc on your mind!

You may think, “I’ll get in a long hard workout so I won’t feel guilty about Thanksgiving food.”

You may say, “I’ll starve all day to save calories for my Thanksgiving meal.”

I played this food obsession game for a really really really long time. As a female personal trainer in Honolulu, Hawaii, I’ve met many others who feel the same. What I’ve learned is that there are no food police. I am not the food police over me or over you.

I coach women to trust their gut. If it looks good, and you are hungry, then eat it. No food rules, no restrictions, just a healthy amount of mindfulness.

I help women to identify their Hunger, Energy and Cravings to eat moderation365.

Moderation365 Nutritional Coaching

Through my moderation365 coaching, I believe in changing one habit at a time. I will not give you more than you are ready because we will celebrate all wins!

So sis, please remember that this is not a time to earn your meal because it’s a holiday. In my Moderation365 nutrition coaching, I’ll teach you to focus on your body’s cues. You’ll learn how to automate your eating. You will be empowered to automate your eating, no deprive no binge. You’ll no longer have to white knuckle your way through a holiday meal again!

If this resonates you, sign up for my 21 Day Fitness Fix. to jump-start your 3M lifestyle. (My 3M Method, the backbone of my personal training programming and my personal training philosophy).

My Free 21 Day Fitness Fix

Over the course of 21 days together, I will ask you to consider making small changes along the way. And I guarantee this – that your achievements over the course of those 21 days will be truly life changing. You will stop scale obsession to quiet your inner critic. Your change will come from within (head and heart) creating the strong and permanent foundation of your health journey. You will be unstoppable!

Join my FREE 21 day email series called 21 Day Fitness Fix  to build the last program you will need. For 21 days, you’ll receive education, an anchor action and a sense of community you’ll receive through my tribe.

What do you have to lose? Take 5 minutes out of your day for your well being!I look forward to seeing you when my 21 Day Fitness Fix launches on November 21st!!!

Questions? I’ll be happy to answer any!

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