did you survive t-day?

We are almost a week past T Day; yep, Thanksgiving Day and now we head right into Christmas and New Year’s.  

I was so disappointed to see so many of my peers promoting all of these programs promising to de-bloat, reset, detox and eliminate all of the “BAD Thanksgiving food and drink” you may have consumed.  

Ah friends, we still have much work to do.

I get so IRRITATED when I see these FALSE claims bullying people into believing that they have to do something extreme and drastic in order to “get back on track!” 

Here are the current day MYTHS:

-Nope, Ms. Jenny Craig is not your friend! 
-Nope, Weight Watchers points won’t buy you food freedom!
-Nope, JuicePlus isn’t the main ingredient in living a long healthy life!
-Nope, Shakeology, Herbal Life, Isagenix, Purium, etc… is NOT real food pre-packaged & sealed. 

As we head into more Holidays soon to come, I don’t want you getting worried, nervous or anxious about ruining your progress over Christmas.  

Because progress isn’t made or lost in a day. It takes time. A lot of time. And consistency.

One meal, one day or one week won’t ruin anything. 

Progress, true long term, sustainable progress comes from the grind, consistency, day in and day out doing a little bit every. Dam. Day! 

So be sure to relax, have fun and enjoy yourself!

There’s a meme going around that reads something like “at your funeral, no one will comment or remember how skinny or ripped you were. Instead, they will remember what kind of person you were and the life you lived.” 

Your progress isn’t screwed based on what you do from Thanksgiving to New Year’s just like how it isn’t screwed by what you do from New Year’s to Thanksgiving.

P.S. In case you missed it, I am offering my #Fitin15 at 50% discount for the rest of this week! Cart closes this Friday, December 4th at 5pm HST.  Relax and Have Fun!

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