i knew this would happen

Excessive cardio caught up with me….

or maybe age did 😝 Either way it took about 20 years!

In a very small space of my brain 🧠 (teenie tiny) I knew this would eventually happen; that my over cardio and low calorie dieting days would became unbecoming. 

Through my years, I’ve seen the rebound when I was out of commission during many a triathlon racing surgeries, during colon removal surgery, during late term miscarriage… and with each instance, it became harder or perhaps, my resolve to “keep at it” shifted. 

What changed? Well, me, I changed. My mind changed. My point of view changed. My priorities have changed. 

I’m trying to bring life into this world and I had spent a better part of half of my life exercising LIFE right out of me. 

It worked really well for a really long time. 

That GRIT, DETERMINATION, LASER FOCUS allowed me to achieve many great feats personally and professionally.

But now, I just know better. I know there’s a better way; a much easier way. 

I’ve finally learned that self punishment is not self rewarding any longer. 

I’ve learned that beating yourself up isn’t moving the needle forward; but instead  slicing you open. 

And so now I’m in the acceptance phase; accepting of what will be will be; accepting of the weight I am at now not the weight I’m chasing and in the midst of all this acceptance, ladies it’s still HARD AS F!

Like an addict fighting to stay sober, I too fight to stay sane. I am human after all. 

BUT, all of this, this is why I remain steadfast in my training philosophy and my ability to create safe and successful healthy, happy food and fitness lifestyles for my tribe. 

I’m in it with you. I’m doing it with you. 💪🏾🔥❤️💋

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