what i wish someone told me…

So many ladies I meet are fearful of working out; don’t know where to start and are SCARED of weights, intimidated by all of the weight rooms across America. Let me change that for you SISTER!

THAT was ME – I remember it clearly. I was too ashamed to go to a gym because I was “fat.” So, I starved myself with my then BFF Jenny Craig and did at home workout videos galore. And I lost a small child (45 pounds). I thought I would be HAPPIER when I reached goal weight. But, I wasn’t and so I was certain that joining a gym would up my summer bod game and then my happiness would be attainable. I caved and joined 24 Hour Fitness Kapiolani on a 3x per week membership since I was a broke college kid. Side note by the way – no matter my size, my weight, my happiness never came because what I know now that I didn’t know then, was that my mind, my emotional state needed a shift, not the outer shell of my body (that’s definitely another post xoxo).

In the decades of pursuing thinness, I had every trainer imaginable…

I remember the first trainer I met, a female who looked 10 lbs shy of a FRANKLIN, freaking soaking wet. She had me lift all the 5 lbs ALL THE TIME; nothing more.

the full out BODY BUILDER trainer who had me lifting WAY heavier than I ever imagined like REDONK kind of heavy which probably fucked my shoulder – but again, that’s another ANOTHER post.

the FUNCTIONAL trainer who had me doing ERRYTHANG on an unstable surface, with one leg, with one arm while also juggling and reciting biblical scriptures (HAHAHA wink wink) and I admit, this was the BEST 6 months because my core is strong as F – having ben through colon removal surgery and still hitting my toes to bar. What ya know about that boo?

the WHAT CRAP ARE YOU EATING trainer who was set that I must eat crap because I wasn’t as skinny / thin as I should be for all the SHIT I was doing in and out of the gym so of course, I had cardio intervals and plyometrics during every single session, like if it could be made into cardio, we fucking did it.

the BULLDOG trainer whose programming was smart and sound, but because of my “resistant body to fat loss,” she had me cycle 1,300, 1,500 and 1,700 calorie days, while we trained while I also trained for my first ironman race (2 mile swim + 112 mile bike + 26 mile run).

And this was all before I BECAME A TRAINER. I’ve learned from all of my experiences, great, and not so great and every trainer I’ve had, taught me valuable lessons – what I WANT TO BE as a trainer myself and how my training philosophy has now set me apart from my peers. I’m not the smartest text book trainer out there; but, I’ve got the reps and the clinical experience to show YOU that when you train with ME, it will be Mindful, there will be Movement and all things will be in Moderation.

I’ve got a couple of new, exciting things coming up – my FREE 5 DAY Consistency and Accountability Coaching Program called Switching Gears and my September 1:1 Customized Coaching program called Level Up.

What DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE, besides stress and bad energy? 


Hit me up with questions! I’m here for ya! xoLA

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