former food obsessed here

I’ve been there. On ALL the diets. Counting calories, restricting and depriving myself most of my adult life. I was Food Obsessed.

How about you? 

Do you have a constant stream of thoughts about food; what you can’t have, what you can have, how much you can have, how many calories, and so on??? It’s exhausting….

And included in those obsessive thoughts, are are all the judgements and food rules that you have been taught along the way. We try to eat perfectly, and stay away from the “bad” and “forbidden” foods that we feel out of control around. When we are “on track,” we feel good, but we have to fight to stay there…it’s not consistent and then the dreaded pendulum swing happens.

In 2018, I threw in the towel. A devastating loss forced me to reevaluate my priorities and to get REAL about where I was spending my energy. 

I was very pissed at myself for allowing myself to get caught up in such bullshit stuff – dieting, exercising, all for a body goal I had made up in my head. But, I had to go through it to get over it. 

I slowly transitioned into less restricted eating on my own. I cut way back on my exercise. And yes, I gained weight. But I put my head down and pushed on. 

I started to eat foods I enjoyed. I started to only do exercise I enjoyed in amounts I felt good with. It slowly became a change from “I HAVE TO” to “I WANT TO.”

And I noticed that despite a few lbs up, I slept better. My mood was better. My periods became more regular. My cravings were way way down (just for example, I turned down chocolate cake last night. Yes, it is possible!) 

Now, I’m excited to start the next phase of my professional journey – getting certified as a Nutrition Consultant in the #Moderation365 with @jillfit 

And I’m excited to help you reach the same! I got chu 💋❤️🌺🤙🏾

What are your biggest food struggles? Let me know 👇🏾

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