Relying on #willpower will NEVER BE ENOUGH

I work with a lot of ladies who are so tired of trying their best and never seeing results. They will make some serious progress — I’m talking being this close and then something pops up, like a kid’s birthday party or a stressful week at home or work that has them falling right back into old habits.

As a 20-year #honolulupersonaltrainer, I’ve seen women endure this vicious cycle over and over again. Shit, I’ve done this cycle over and over again.

Look, there’s no guilt or shame in failing at dieting because you know what, diet set us up for failure! And I get it – diets are the ONLY way most women know how to get what they want – to eat less and exercise more, am I right?

I coach women that we were made to actually enjoy our food and that you can have both: fun in food and feel great in your body. I teach women that DIETS are not the answer. I help women limit their over exercise tendencies so that they can enjoy life once again! 

Look, you don’t have to sacrifice the pleasure of food, the extra time with your family, or the countless clothes you’ve written off as out of your league. Let me teach you how! #moderation365

In my #Moderation365 group coaching program, I help women build a solid relationship with food once and for all so that they no longer are obsessively eliminating this or counting that. 

Here are two #Moderation365 anchor actions you can do right now to help heal your food relationship:

1. Stop putting foods on the “off limits” list. If you put foods on an off limits list, your psychology will only make you want that food even more! Eat what you crave. Ask me how!

2. Work on eating until 80% fullness. How do you know? Check in with this – Are you good and can you eat more? If the answer is I am good, but I could eat more, that is about 80% fullness. Ask me about the spectrum #starving versus #stuffed.

What’s the biggest DIE HARD DIET rule that you know of? 

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